Chief Technology Officer,

Nate Koenig is the Chief Technology Officer at Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF). Prior to joining OSRF, Nate was a research engineer at Willow Garage where he conducted human robot interaction (HRI) studies and continued development of Gazebo, and open source robot simulator.
Nate started his academic career at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned a B.S in computer science. A one year hiatus to Xerox then lead him to the computer science master program at USC, where he joined the Interaction Lab. During his master’s studies, Nate co-started the Gazebo simulator with Prof. Andrew Howard. The goal of Gazebo is to simulate high-fidelity environments to aid in the development of robotic algorithms and systems.

Upon completion of his M.S degree, Nate continued his education at USC in the PhD program working with Prof. Maja Matarić. Nate’s PhD work focused on Bayesian approaches to Learning from Demonstration (LfD) and improved interfaces for human robot communication.