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We hope to connect people seeking open source robotics consulting services with folks who offer those services. Listed below are individuals and companies who offer consulting services related to open source robotics software and/or hardware.

To employers: Whether you’re looking for someone to help familiarize your team with ROS or to build a custom automated system, the folks listed below can help.

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Alten Netherlands

Eindhoven, Netherlands
+31 (0) 40 256 30 80

At Alten Netherlands, we aim to make state-of-the-art robotic innovations available to our industrial partners. For this, we focus on ROS and in particular in creating ROS applications that match the industrial standards for safety and reliability. This allows us to create flexible and intelligent robotic systems by combining vision, dynamic path planning and high-level reasoning. Specifically, we have experience with creating robot models, the Gazebo simulator, the MoveIt! path planner, and integrating ROS with existing robot platforms. Centered in all our work are customer care and technical excellence.

Keywords: ROS, ROS-Industrial, Gazebo, manipulation, planning, hardware integration

Arkapravo Bhaumik

New Delhi, India

I specialize in robot programming and simulations. From simple path planning to more complicated jobs as mapping and robots working in cooperation. I can design simulations in stage (standalone, with player, with ROS), gazebo (with ROS), ODE, Matlab and Webots. In the hardware side, I am proficient with the roomba robot, arduino boards and have worked with LEGO Mindstorms kits. I have MSc degrees in Physics and also in Mechatronics. Mobotica has been my effort to delve into myriad aspects of mobile robotics as swarm robotics, various robot simulators, ubiquitous robotics, social robotics, simulations with ROS, popular mobile robots etc.

Keywords: ROS, stage, gazebo, roomba, player/stage, mobile robots, swarm

Bluetronics, Inc.

Bangalore , India
+91-9791838816 , +91 - 9786088128

Being the CTO of Bluetronics Inc., I focus on the ROS development and other Open-Source based tools for robotics. Also hardware integration to the Robotics at the industrial level is carried with Cloud integration and remote access.We do develop customized automation solution for the industrial and agricultural sector. Also we give training on automation and robotics.

Keywords: ROS,ROS-Industrial , open source H/W & S/W , Automation , Hardware Integration , Embedded Development , Training , Manufacturing

Clearpath Robotics

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
+1 800.301.3863

Clearpath Robotics specializes in the design and manufacture of robust and reliable unmanned vehicle solutions for industrial R&D. We're here to save you time, money, and frustration. We employ roboticists specializing in unmanned vehicle design and control, with backgrounds ranging from mechanical drivetrain design to custom embedded systems to autonomous navigation. We have incorporated ROS into several custom projects already, and it also serves as the foundation of many of our standard products. Furthermore, our end-to-end design and manufacturing capabilities, and extensive supply chain allow us to take a problem from initial concept design all the way to mass production.

Keywords: ROS, manufacturing, navigation, mechatronics design, field robotics, mapping, human-machine interfaces

Creativa 77

Buenos Aires, Argentina
+1(408)540-6197 / +54(11)5219-0893

Creativa 77 is a boutique software development lab which offers high-quality research and development contracting services. We specialize in web robotics and ROS on Android, with particular expertise in systems integration, usability and design, and Web-based application development. We have experience with the foundational pieces of ROS-based robotics systems, including rospy/roscpp, rosjava/Android, RobotWebTools, and MoveIt!, which we have developed working together with Willow Garage. We pride ourselves on our talent, the quality of our work, and our ability to create close working relationships with our partners.

Keywords: ROS, Web, Android, robotics, HCI, integration, prototyping, technology transfer, Java, Python, JavaScript


Rotterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 404 9444

DoBots provides software to transform machines into robots. ROS is an integral part of our solution. DoBots won with an autopilot for industrial scrubber/dryers the Best European Startup award in May 2014. The products and services of DoBots focus on autonomy and multi-robot systems. Autonomy in the sense of fully autonomous localization and mapping (SLAM), preventing collisions with humans, rebuilding maps after changes, self-charging, self-reporting on performance criteria, self-reporting on device status and maintenance. DoBots is able to provide your machine with services that you never thought to be possible before!

Keywords: autonomy, multi-robot, SLAM, self-charging, self-reporting

Fraunhofer IPA

Stuttgart, Germany

Fraunhofer IPA is a non-profit research organization with the objective to enhance technology transfer between research and industry. The Robot Systems department designs robot systems and automation solutions for industrial applications and for the services sector. Key technologies are developed and implemented in innovative industrial robots, service robots and intelligent machines. With 40 years experience in robotics and automation, multi-disciplinary teams, a unique network, comprehensive know-how and superbly equipped laboratories and workshops, we are able to offer a wide range of services in robot technology and application.

Keywords: ROS, manufacturing, automation, ROS-Industrial, autonomous, navigation, manipulation, perception, robot systems, prototypes, Care-O-bot

Gaitech International Ltd.

Hong Kong , China

Gaitech International Ltd. is an innovative robotics solution provider based at Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Partnering globally with Shadow, Rethink Robotics, Kinova, Robotnik, Clearpath, RobotIcan, SynTouch and other key companies in this field as well, Gaitech is integrating ,distributing and supporting a wide range of cutting edge robotics products based on ROS. Being the licensed manufacturer of TurtleBot, Gaitech is active in the promotion and education of ROS in Asia. Working jointly with Shadow Robot Ltd., Gaitech is marketing and supporting RoNex globally, which is a Robot Nervous System for robotics research , education and product development within ROS Framework.

Keywords: ROS, Robotics, training , RoNex, manufacturing, distribution, Integration

Heuristic Labs

Cambridge, Massachusetts & Oakland, California, USA

At Heuristic Labs, we focus on the higher levels of robotic perception and reasoning. We help clients take their robotic, computer vision, or smartphone-based application to greater levels of autonomy and performance. At the same time, we provide a world-class user-oriented design - ensuring great visibility into the system for developers, as well as a natural, pleasing experience for end-users.

Keywords: robotics, computer vision, 3D sensor fusion, machine learning, artificial intelligence, physical computing, smartphone applications, distributed smartphone systems, social web


Bordeaux, France
+33 5 56 39 37 05

HumaRobotics designs advanced programs and behaviours for humanoid and mobile robots. With various skills such as path planning, artificial vision, control, and human-robot interaction, we create animations and autonomous behaviours for personal robots. Robot manufacturers and companies that use robots for demonstration or daily business benefit from our expertise. Humarobotics also provide training on various robotics system and programming tools such as ROS.

Keywords: ROS, ROS-Industrial, training, HRI, computer vision, autonomous behaviour, artificial intelligence


Leuven, Belgium

Intermodalics employs key people known for their experience in Open Source robotics and Industrial automation. With this know-how, it allows us to deliver turn-key projects for your specific needs or assist you in a particular design or implementation of robotic software. Our core competence is to deliver high quality custom solutions in short time frames. We specialize in real-time control, 3D+2D vision for manipulation, advanced force control & path planning for any number of axes and lightweight robots. Intermodalics has offices in Antwerpen and Leuven, Belgium.

Keywords: Realtime control, EtherCAT, 3D/2D vision, force control & path planning, application development, add-on robotics & automation


Tokyo, Japan

LP-Research is a start-up company based in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in the development of motion sensing devices, but also have a strong background in robotics. We are connected to the world-famous Takanishi laboratory, the home of the KOBIAN anthropomorphic emotion expression robot and the musical performance robots WF-4 and WAS-2. In our company we concentrate on both open-source and proprietary product development. We use the Robot Operating System for various internal research, but are on the way to publish our products with fully supported ROS modules. If you need support for your project in one of our areas of expertise, especially in Japan or China, please contact us.

Keywords: Motion Sensors, Open Motion Analysis Toolkit, Inertial Measurement Units, Real-time Control and Analysis Systems, Anthropomorphic Robots, Musical Performance Robots, Wirless Sensing Devices, ROS


St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Keywords: ROS, Navigation, URDF, Catkinization, Human-robot Interaction, Costmaps, Path Planning, Gazebo, RobotWebTools, Arm Navigation, PR2, Robonaut, B21, Lightsabers


Lausanne, Switzerland

Mobsya is a non-profit R&D organization specialized in educational and research robots. It produces open-hardware robots running open-source software.

Keywords: open hardware, educational robotics, miniature robots, Aseba, integration

RoadNarrows Robotics

Loveland Colorado, USA

RoadNarrows designs and develops robots and intelligent control systems for a variety of applications. The company created the ROS-I compatible Hekateros robotic manipulator which serves as a reference design or platform for manipulation research and development applications. RoadNarrows' engineering team is available for prototyping, application development, and ROS-related training consulting and project contracts.

Keywords: ROS-Industrial, intelligent systems, distributed system architectures, embedded software, mobile devices, computer vision, manipulators, multi-robot coordination, wheeled platforms, sensing and control, C/C++, Linux, Python, HTML5


Valencia, Spain
+34 963383835

Robotnik is a Spanish company dedicated to the development of robotic related products, R&D projects and robotic engineering services. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of Autonomous Ground Vehicles that make use of ROS as robotic software architecture. We have several platforms under the ROS portal (see Guardian and Summit) as well as our custom designed robotic modular arm.

Keywords: ROS, robotics, AGV, UGV, development, design, manufacturing, autonomous, integration, service robotics, navigation, mapping

Romeo Tats

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Following the unsuccessful used of robotics to help during the Japanese nuclear disaster, the 2 years search-mission for the wreckage of the AF447 crash in the Atlantic Ocean and the recurrent loss of live in mining accidents around the world, Romeo started questioning the real motivation for him to do robotics: Am I solving problem which matter to people and to the society? That is, in May 2011, he seized the opportunity to continue at the University of Alberta on exciting projects which matter to oil&gas and power companies as well as on a project which matter to upper body disabled people. He is now looking forward to working on more exciting projects relevant to the society as I am more satisfied working on such projects. He believes that ROS is the first step towards practical robotics.

Keywords: visual servoing, UAV, robotic arm, car-like robot

Shadow Robot Company

London, UK
+44 0.207.700.2487

Shadow is one of the longest running robotics companies in the UK. We have been developing robots and other unusual technologies since 1987. For the last ten years, along with a wide selection of robotics contract engineering, Shadow has specialised in the development of dexterous manipulation for humanoid robotics. This has lead to the creation of the worlds most advanced robot hand, The Shadow Dexterous Hand, currently in version C6. We've been part of the ROS adventure from the beginning and have now become experts at implementing research and industrial projects using ROS.

Keywords: ROS, robotics, manipulation, drivers, integration, prototypes, compliant robots

Southwest Research Institute

San Antonio, Texas USA
+1 210.522.6805

Southwest Research InstituteВ® (SwRIВ®) is an independent, nonprofit applied R&D organization with a staff of more than 3,000 who specialize in the creation and transfer of technology. SwRI specializes in solving challenging automation problems, including advanced industrial robotic systems and the development of custom automation solutions. Expertise includes large-scale machine design, robot perception and planning, and multidisciplinary applications. SwRI is a founding member of the open-source ROS-Industrial program, whose goal is to enable new applications and reduce project costs for industrial robotics by leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Keywords: ROS, manufacturing, automation, ROS-Industrial, autonomous, perception


Gruibingen, Germany
+49 7335 / 186 999 0

Synapticon specializes in developing embedded computing and control systems on a new level. The company provides tools, hardware and software components to develop and interface complex software to systems of sensors, actuators and human interfaces. Being active ROS and PCL developers, hosting and leading the development of the ROSC client library and PCL-OpenCL implementation, Synapticon can help you to develop mission-critical solutions based on ROS and PCL.

Keywords: rosc, ros industrial, ros for products, motion control, motor control, perception, sensor networks, cloud integration

Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association

Tokyo, Japan
+81 50 3579 8675

Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association (TORK) is established in 2013 in Tokyo as an incorporated association dedicated to the public benefit. TORK is determined to contribute to our society by integrating the robotics technology into the social infrastructure, by developing and supporting OSR (opensource software in robotics) solution, and enhancing the bond between robot users community, academia and industry.

Keywords: ROS, PR2, Humanoid robot, Dual-arm robot, Industrial robot, Manipulation, Perception, Integration, Robot-Web, Training and education, Tele-presense, Japanese industry, OpenRTM

Yujin Robot Innovation

Seoul, Korea

The Innovation Team’s prime directive is to create the next generation of Yujin’s robotic solutions. We design, build, program and manufacture robots. Our developers contribute to the fundamental layers of ROS, are world-renown indoor navigation experts and are exploring the development of service robotics solutions that transcend the robot. With our international group and workstyle we bridge the east and west. We are seekers of new ideas, love changing problems into solutions and are forging partnerships to accelerate solutions in robotics!

Keywords: ROS, robotics, multi-robot, mobile robots, indoor navigation, robot design & development, system integration, manufacturing, mass-production, vision SLAM, ROCON, ros/java, ros/android, ros/windows, cylons, pirates